Motorola dp3400 hands on appraisal

Update – Having won the modern conflict of a digital two way radio market the Dp 3400 is a perfect 2 way radio for the transition between analogue and digital. You won’t find many opinions for the walkie talkie and most of the helpful hints on the net might be either through the motorola internet site or unoriginal advice on web sites. This appraisal of the DP3400 is a exceptional treasure and so far as i know they have reviewed the specific two way radio, read and like.

You don’t forget – episode from series 2 of ‘Spaced’, the one where Tim and Mike needed to break into the offices of Darkstar Comics in order to get back an offensive picture that Daisy slipped into Tim’s portfolio by mistake? Obviously you need to do (if you don’t – you ought to). Well, that caper could have been achieved a lot more smoothly if the blokes was using the new Dp 3400 Two-Way Radios. Of course, they had walkie-talkies in that episode, but not like these…


There’s quite a lot that makes the DP 3400 above just another 2 way radio. For a start, the Motorola dp3400 employs an individual-site trunking solution that can allow over a thousand users to share information, and even data, with each other, without accumulation new frequencies.

The Motorola dp3400 also comes complete with an emergency button, this button, when pressed, automatically alerts the supervisor (or correspondent) to any possible trouble devoid of an individual having to talk even a single word. Such a security feature works in tandem with the Dp3400’s ‘Emergency Signalling’ capability, a utility which will send an emergency signal to a pre-determined individual or group.

The Motorola dp3400 is effective at signal migration for both analogue and digital signals; it easily (and handily) combines traditional radio technology with cutting edge digital methods.

The radio also comes in both UHF and VHF.

This model also comes using a cradle that charges your battery, it is a very good charger, representing an efficient design and whole user-friendliness.


This is a neat little gizmo, but Motorola know that. The cost might seem a bit steep initially, but when its specialized quality you’re after, then you need to be prepared to pay a reliable price.


Despite working with a distinctly practical feel overall, the outer design actually benefits from the softer, ‘sanded down’ texture. With smoother edges along with a more contemporary feel, this 2 way radio doesn’t seem as Spartan as a more military or safety-centric model might. It delivers all similar functions, but the outcome is a little more aesthetically nice and somehow more reassuring. In brief, this radio will be better for business.

The brightly lit buttons are also very helpful if you’re using the radio at night. It’s a Tricolour LED, therefore the lights appear contemporary and pleasant.

It’s much incredibly difficult little radio, with a robust outer casing and what appears to be shock proofing much of the way around. The body of this 2 way radio is so well sealed that not even a particle of dust or grit can penetrate it. It could even be fully sunken in water for 30 minutes without succumbing to everlasting damage.

The belt clip is sturdy and holds the radio to your belt so well, that you just never fear it’ll fall off. You furthermore mght get a dust cover, which protects the open accessory port in the event that you just aren’t using any accessories. This can be a welcome feature that’s always nice to see. The addition of programmable side buttons can also be an incredibly welcome feature of the Dp3400.

The Dp3400 also benefits greatly from a very long battery life, which is good for al fresco work.


This is a marvellous radio. It is suitable for just about any number of events/functions. The sound comes through plainly, the big microphone/speaker setup allows for ease of use and the entire package is exceptionally well made. The Motorola dp3400 is smart, user friendly and extremely high quality.

Really the only knock we’d give it is the battery, although brilliantly created, is somewhat heavy. That’s it.

However, I still believe that the aforementioned episode of ‘Spaced’ would have gone much more smoothly if they’d invested in a few these little beauties.

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